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On October 20th, 2006 I had the opportunity to interview Jenna herself! Here is the exclusive interview, Enjoy!

1. Hi Jenna, how do you feel about your growing fanbase?

It’s great! It’s amazing to know people are enjoying your work, it makes it all worthwhile.

2. As far as acting is concerned, what are your future ambitions/goals?

To work! I just hope I’m working. In this industry 90% of actors are unemployed. So I count myself lucky to be working. I’d love to work across all three fields theatre, film and TV. Definitely theatre – I miss it!

3. What were your thoughts when Emmerdale told you about your controversial role as Jasmine?

Great – a storyline, something to get my teeth into. I joined the show last May and it took a while for my character to settle. It’s great to have a challenge. The more controversial – the more people will doubt a story will work - so the harder you work to prove people wrong and do justice to the story.

4. Do you get on well with your co-stars?

Very well, it’s a really close cast, work wise and socially.

5. What music are you listening to at the moment?

Loving James Morrison and Orson. I like all kinds of music from Stevie Wonder, Elvis, Jack Johnson, Oasis, and Whitney Houston – a big range.

6. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Catch up with friends, Go to the theatre/Cinema/Often just to relax.

7. Would you rather go out clubbing or have a quiet night in?

It used to be clubbing. Suddenly I’ve become a bit boring. I have to work, stay in with friends and just chat.

8. Your character Jasmine, has a great dress-sense! Do you dress like that in real life?

I do like the Indie look but I don’t really dress like that. It’s important to have some separation between yourself and the character. I try really hard to make her look travelled, as she used to live around the world, travelling with her parents. I try to incorporate that.

9.What has the public’s reaction been like to your role as Jasmine?

People think I’m younger and more innocent than I really am. It’s great when people come up to you and say nice things about the character and storyline. I’ve had a few weird comments about the whole Jasmine and Debbie relationship, it got worst with Cain!

10. Do you receive lots of fanmail, and what is the weirdest gift a fan has sent you?

To be honest I’ve really been sent many gifts, but I do get fan mail. I got some scented cushion once?!

11. Thanks for your time Jenna! Do you have one last comment you would like to make to your fans?

Hope you continue to support + thanks! X

-Webmistress of JennaLColeman.com